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Holy Spirit, Thanks for the Tip.

Posted by Dianne Christner - Christian Fiction Author on January 29, 2014 at 12:40 AM

After ten frustrating months, the mystery was solved.

THE MYSTERY: Whenever Hubby drove my car, afterwards the button wouldn't automatically adjust the seat to my preferences. It worked for him. Not for me.

CLUE 1: When the car was new, I was courteous, hitting the release button for the next driver. I enjoyed pushing the button before I got into the car. But as the newness wore off, I found myself falling into old patterns. Usually my hands were full so I dealt with my stuff first: purse on the passenger seat, phone in the cupholder, key in the keyhole. The last order of business was adjusting the seat. I'd push the button and get notta more often than not.

Using scientific calculations, I came up with a theory.

Jim's hands are large so he must acidentally reset button 1 (my button) when he uses button 2 (his) or the release. So I mentioned this to him. He gave me the look but vowed to be careful. Only, it kept happening!

CLUE 2: Ocassionally it would work for me. Quite mysterious and equally frustrating.

Last week when the seat thrust its fist into my back, I manually adjusted the tilt and had a Eureka moment. I'd ask Jim to switch buttons with me. Since we reach past button 1 (mine) to get to the others, I'd give him button 1 to help him remember to be more careful.  I imagined myself sharing this brilliant idea with him, hopeful he'd go for it.

While wondering if this was a fair request,

the Holy Spirit broke into my thoughts saying,

No. It has nothing to do with Jim.

Instantly my mind went to the garbage can incident which I blogged about several months ago.


My heart sank. Really? This is my fault? Yet I received the Spirit's tip as truth. He is God, after all. But I puzzled over the mechanics of the situation until a good song came on the radio, and my frustrations melted away.

The following weekend going to church, of all places, I resentfully watched Jim do his magic with the seat buttons. My flesh blurted, "Do you want to switch buttons?"

He gave me the look and replied, "Why? They work fine for me."

I shrugged, and instantly remembered what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me. I should have remained silent and believed it wasn't Jim's fault.

A few days later while manually adjusting my seat,

I pondered the Holy Spirit's tip.

Before I'd driven a block, He gave me another one:

It only works when the car isn't running.

What! My mouth fell open and I whipped to the curb and shut off the motor. The button worked! Mystery solved! I danced a jig under the seatbelt's restraint, thanked the Lord, and reached for my phone. I apologized to Jim on the spot, and he laughed with me.

What I learned from the incident:

- The Holy Spirit doesn't give us the whole truth at once. He gives it to us in bites we can swallow and digest. In this situation, the two tips were about a week apart. He wanted me to trust Him and accept the idea I was wrong about the situation.

- The Spirit cares about the little frustrations of life.

- The Holy Spirit continues to help us even when we fail him. I don't think my failure was what the Bible calls grieving the Spirit. He gave me the answer to the problem in pieces, knowing I'd stumble before I'd get it. All this, to more perfectly align my spirit with His. If He'd given me tip 2 without tip 1, I might not have recognized my sin in the situation.

Cars are often areas of dispute between married couples.

Do you find this to be true?

I'm thankful we have the Holy Spirit riding with us, whispering tips as we need them. We can listen to Christian music and meditate on the things of God as we drive.

Do you enjoy your time behind the wheel?

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