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Cabin Fever - Fiction

Posted by Dianne Christner - Christian Fiction Author on July 21, 2015 at 3:00 PM

It's only 99 degrees today in the valley of the sun. However, it's still hot because my car's air-conditioning bit the dust yesterday. It's scheduled to be fixed tomorrow as air conditioning is a Phoenix essential right along with lip gloss, sunscreen and flipflops.

(The cute cabin we rented. Had a porch along the back too.)

But I'm staying cool about it because I'm still refreshed from a four-day family fun time at a cabin in Pine, Arizona. It was crazy fun. My two married kids and five grandkids were there. The first day, the kids played on a homemade zip line and explored. We picnicked at Christopher Creek the next day, hopping over stones in the cold mountain stream.

The next day we had a real seven inning family softball game which ended  with a score of 18 to 19. We saw deer and elk each day at the cabin and caught nice afternoon showers. It was my birthday and the family spoiled me. Jim even managed to surprise me with a bakery cake he toted from the valley. My favorite - white on white. Of course, there was homemade ice cream to go with it.

.....So another birthday......oh well, I've grown accustomed to them by now.

Then on the drive home was the real icing on the cake (not joking here about the car's nasty air conditioning failure) but how I found out I'm getting another contract from Barbour Books. It's an historical fiction anthology called "Civilizing Clementine"  for a  "California Gold Rush Brides Collection" to release August of 2016. Wahoo!

So here's my current book release line up:

Timeless Love - (anthology) Aug 1, 2015

The Knight's Bride - (anthology) Nov 1, 2015

Her Heart's Desire (Title Unsure - anthology) - February 2016

Covered Bridge Charm (Novel) - May 2016

Civilizing Clementine (anthology) - August 2016

A Christmas Prayer (anthology) - 2016

Would love to hear about your family vacation! Please share.

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