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My Office at Christmas

Posted by Dianne Christner - Christian Fiction Author on December 18, 2015 at 5:35 PM

This sweet card welcomes you to my office this Christmas,

because it holds a special place in my heart.

My deceased grandmother sent it to me when I was only five years old. I still have the envelope with the date stamped and with her handwriting. Every year I display it and feel the warm fuzzies. An antique ... like me.

Last time I posted, I promised pics when I got moved into my new office.

So here we go:

Before you enter, take note of the sliding pocket doors my husband installed. The french doors that were there when we bought the house took up too much wall space in my little office. So I'm appreciative. By the way, that's his business....manufacturing heavy duty pocket door frames for custom homes. He has an online store in case you are interested.

So...come on in. Let me show you around.

Here's a table where I intend to play lots of games with the grandkids. It's also overflow for my research work while I'm writing. And it's going to be overflow for the extended family (40 people) we are having for a Christmas party this weekend.

And here's where the writing gets done.

Hubby made this desk for me and I love it.

And if you move in a bit closer you can see what's on my computer....

A cold snow scene....because....

I'm currently writing a story called A Christmas Prayer and it takes place in a snowstorm. My sister Chris texted me the photo one day when I was having trouble reaching my word count so I put it on the screen for inspiration.  There's no snow here in the desert, and it helps with the mood.

But I hope you're having a white Christmas, if that fulfills your dreams.

And that the joy of Jesus fills your hearts and homes.

Merry Christmas!

I'd love to know what's special for you this season.

Love to hear from you!

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