Dianne Christner

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A Christmas Prayer

A Christmas Prayer

- 1881 -

When Hanna Friesen takes her hand sled to the village to fetch the doctor for her mother, she discovers a snow storm has stranded passengers at the train station.

Mountain Lake, Minnesota, was settled by Russian Mennonite immigrants and has become a close-knit community.  When she offers the use of their old Soddy to house some of the homeless, she's  unprepared for the two handsome strangers who'll be sharing her sled. 

One instantly puts her on the offensive--noticing her limp which she acquired when she had frostbite a few years earlier--but the other just as quickly steals her heart. Both men, in their own ways,  help her deal with the lingering pain of the incident.

The Penner brothers are on their way to Canada to secure property for their father and the rest of their family. But as they work to clear the train tracks and Martin meets the blacksmith's son who is pursuing Hanna, he wishes he could stay and contend for her love.

Just before Christmas, Hanna's father slips on an icy ladder and injures his leg. With one obstacle after another, Hanna sends up an urgent Christmas prayer. Who will be the answer to her prayer?