Dianne Christner

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Welcome Readers
. . . and on most days, a very warm welcome . . . you see, I live in the Sonoran Desert where life sizzles often above 100 degrees. But I'm fortunate to write full time from my air-conditioned home office.

I've written around twenty published works and most of them are historical fiction novels. But since I was raised Mennonite and have Amish ancestors, I have also written in the Amish genre, working hard to bring authenticity.

I attend Desert View Bible Church and hubby and I love our midweek Bible Study where we are working diligently to memorize scripture--yes, even at our age.

I enjoy research and plotting as much as creating characters and scenes. Thankful for my cell phone, I find myself setting my alarm to remember every other thing I need to fit into my day, such as . . . preparing dinner. Ahmm. Seriously, hubby's a good sport. We've been married over forty years and have two married children, Mike and Rachel, and five grandchildren. Rachel's family lives in Houston, Texas, so I often sail across the friendly skies. The dog in the picture is Rachel's.

I'm a little eccentric when it comes to my hummingbird visitors. Phoenix has a huge variety of species and many stay all year.  Jim and I enjoy watching all kinds of wildlife from our courtyard. The desert teems with critters, including coyotes and bobcats.  Even more delightful are the sunrises and sunsets--awe-inspiring.

I relish interaction with readers and hope you click one of the many avenues I provide on this site.