Dianne Christner

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Civilizing Clementine

Civilizing Clementine - 1849 San Francisco

Hitting the gold mother lode isn't a good thing for Clementine. Nothing dismays her more than the appearance of the English-born Featherstone sisters and their traveling etiquette school. After living in the roughest of encampments from lumber camps, timber mills and finally to the rich California gold fields, her dad hires them to civilize Clem.

Her 19th century makeover includes everything she detests from gowns and bloomers to speech diction. Although her dad didn't pay extra for the husband package, she even learns flirting techniques which she practices with a gentleman the sisters bring in to help Clem through all her bumbling-humbling attempts at becoming a lady.  She confides in him only to discover he's a reporter writing a humiliating story about her awkward transformation. Is there any hope for her crushed heart? Or should she run away from love by following her dad's life-long dream of starting over in Louisville society?