Dianne Christner

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Carly Blosser doesn't match the typical description of a woman in the Old Holley Conservative Mennonite Fellowship Church--unmarried at 27, living alone, and careening around her Oregon neighborhood on a pink beachcomber bicycle with her lop-eared rabbit in the front basket. But she loves her life and the elderly residents at Sweet Life Assisted Living Facility, where she works as a caregiver.

When Carly's plans for a new volunteer program at Sweet Life go awry, she shifts her focus to one lonely resident named Martha. Adam Lapp, a wood shop instructor at Sweet Life, reluctantly joins with Carly to search for Martha's lost love for a surprise reunion between them at Martha's upcoming 85th birthday.

As Carly and Adam explore the carvings of an old covered bridge to trace the elderly man's whereabouts, Adam tries to resist the mutual attraction growing between them. But when the elderly man's nephew takes a romantic interest in Carly, Adam must decide where his heart truly lies. Soon, new clues sweep them all in a harried race to the finish line where love is the ultimate prize.


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