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Megan's Journal - Additional entries, not found in Something Blue


Spoiler (First read Something Blue of Plain City Bridesmaids series)


July – Isaac’s blond hair’s definitely mine, but all other longish, gangly, messy parts are Micah’s except for his smile. Honestly, that came straight from heaven. About the time I could fit back into my clothes, I returned to work. Randy quickly demoted me to part time, and I did the garbanzo dance. Micah fills in the parenting gap by taking the baby to church with him. At first it was the talk of the congregation, but now everybody accepts it to the point of spoiling the not-so-little guy.


October – On Saturday the three-bean salad got together, just us women and little ones. Lil said the doddy house is up for rent again. That got us reminiscing about our childhood days, and Katy predicted our children will make a splash when it’s their turn to go to church camp. Honestly, I can’t think that far ahead when I still have last week’s laundry to do.


December – Though time’s flying by about as fast as Randy’s jets, there's time to marvel over a special Christmas miracle. I’m amazed. Giddy. Such an unexpected match! The engagement announcement appeared in Sunday’s bulletin and pleasantly surprised the entire congregation. Micah and I couldn’t be happier for them . . .



Hello, readers. Want to take a guess who’s engaged? You can figure out the answer by going to page 276 in my novel, Something Blue. Or if you have my 3-in-1 novel, Plain City Bridesmaids, go to page 914.  (You’ll find their names mentioned) If there had been a Something Borrowed, it would have been fun to write their story. I hope it’s fun for you to imagine it.