Dianne Christner

                                       bestselling author           


Love's Story

        Historical Fiction - 1899

A McClure's Magazine assignment whisks Meredith from the elegance of New York City to the primitive town of Buckman's Pride in the redwood forests of northern California. While most ladies carry fancy parasols, Meredith carries a leather portfolio. Her dainty high-topped boots step into the man's world of 1899, and Meredith has something to prove--a female journalist can achieve recognition for her work.

Meredith's big story on forest conservation takes many interesting turns. One leads her to her heart's desire, logger Thatcher Talbot. But Mr. Talbot is a man with something to hide.

Will Meredith listen when God seeks to tame her storm and direct her dainty steps? Must Meredith choose between  and Thatcher's strong arms?

                         For Meredith Storm Mears, the middle name is very appropriate.