Dianne Christner

                                       bestselling author           


The Marmalade Belle

Love as Sweet as Southern Tea.

A decade old note draws Maribelle Sinclair into the arms of Jackson, her childhood hero, but the Cavalry dragoon's soul appears dark and dangerous as the Florida everglades.  

Virgil, on the other hand, is sweet as Mama's orange marmalade and optimistically forthright. 

If hearts are windows, like the glass-bottomed boats on nearby Silver River, Maribelle can trust hers to make the right choice.

Author's Personal Note

I was born in Sarasota, Florida, so when I was invited to contribute to The Southern Belles Bride Collection it seemed right to make my belle a Floridian. Although I moved to Ohio when I was two, I recall visiting my grandpa's orange orchard. He would sit me on his lap and give me a tractor ride through the rows of citrus. He had cows in there, too, and I remember being leery of them. I have one memory of my mother hanging clothes on a clothesline and shooing away the peacocks. She and daddy have a photo of the glass-bottomed boat tour they took on their honeymoon.

Flamingos have always been a favorite of mine so they made their way into the story. Gators, not so much, but the story needed them. The great citrus freeze is a historical fact which set the plot into motion.

I hope you enjoy reading The Marmalade Belle

Don't forget your sweet tea and orange marmalade,

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